The Info: How we work


This Ain't Your Grandma's Wedding Photography 

Call us crazy, but we believe that weddings should be fun. Not stressful. Not lame or cookie-cutter. And definitely not boring. They should be a perfect and wonderful reflection of who you are as a couple. Our job is to tell your amazing, mind-blowing, weak-in-the-knees love story.  

We believe everyone has one, and all we have to do is plug in to your awesomeness and ride the wave all the way in.  

Things we promise never to do 

• Interrupt you during your first dance to fake a moment  

• Pose you like a stiff, formal doll 

• Block your family members' view during important moments  

• The Macarena or the Electric Slide 

• Get drunk on your dime 

Things we will always do 

• Capture little moments that you didn't even know about 

• Group jump shots 

• Sing along to Kanye songs 

• Anything your mom asks (for seriously) 

• Tell the story of your day so well you'll cry  

• Call you our friends 

Are you totally smitten with our mission? Wondering what to do next? 

Contact us, of course! 

But first — scope out our Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find all the juicy details about logistics, equipment, travel & pricing, right there. 

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